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DATO & TID:5. December 9:30-11:00 STED: Online webinar TILMELDING: Du tilmelder dig HER PRIS: 0 DKK Vi tager forbehold for at der kan forekomme ændringer i programmet.

Join us for the Nordic Blockchain Alliance: Unveiling the Future of Transparency and Traceability in Fashion & Furniture

Be part of the movement that’s shaping the industry’s future. Together, we build a stronger tomorrow. Are you working within the lifestyle industry, and feel the need to understand transparency & traceability, we invite you to listen in for this final webinar.


  • 9:30 Welcome – The Nordic are first movers within blockchain technology v. Heidi Svane Head of Digital, Frederik Thrane, Project Manager, Lifestyle & Design Cluster
  • 9:45 What is the coming Digital product passport @Anders Arenfeldt Holm Fuldmægtig, Ministry of Business in Denmark, Green & Digital
  • 10:00 Is there a potential for a Nordic design blockchain @Elin Kathrine Saunes CEO, NF&TA & @Anita Drabløs Daglig leder af den Norske klynge +lab
  • 10:15 How do we attract tech suppliers, what cases how shown results in the industry – @Erik Lundh, project manager Interior Cluster Sweden & @Jonas Larsson,
  • Associate professor in Textile Management, Science Park Borås
  • 10:40 How does the international market reply when presented with the Nordic campaign ‘ASK’ @Heidi & Frederik Lifestyle & Design Cluster
  • 11:00 thank you and next step

Funded by Nordic Innovation, Industriens Fond og i samarbejde med Blockchain Business

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