How to prototype and securely store the provenance of your products on the blockchain

Researchers from Copenhagen Business School in cooperation with Lifestyle & Design Cluster and DI handel developed a blockchain-based system that allows you to share the provenance of your products with your customers.

Try it out here after you have seen the tutorials:

Blockchain is revolutionizing how companies think about their supply chain and enable customers to transparently follow the flow from raw resources to the actual products they buy in store. Especially companies that want to tell the story of their products, because they use high quality raw materials, buy from high sustainable suppliers or upcycle old materials, are increasingly interested in making their provenance transparent and have better selling arguments to their existing customers and potential new customers alike. developed a system that makes data entry and sharing easy and particularly targets Danish Design companies.

To demonstrate the ease of use, and quickly teach you how to share your provenance with help of blockchain-technology, the following four short video tutorials are provided.

Step 1: Preparation

In the first video, we introduce you to a example case from cow to shoe that is inspired by one of our pilot partners, the leather tanning company Scanhide and the Danish shoe brand Roccamore. We show you how to prepare the supply chain of a product to digitize it and you need nothing more than a pen and a paper.

Step 2: Certificates

Certificates are important to demonstrate good manufacturing practices and high quality products. For your customers they are an important reason to trust what you claim on your website and in advertisements. In this video, we show you how to securely store the certificates and make them available, and how they later by customers can be verified easily with our trustworthy blockchain.

Step 3: Create the journey

The journey of a product that shows its provenance is made out of many steps. From raw materials (cow) to intermetiate products (hide) and the final assembly (shoe). This is the story we want to prove to your customers and this video will show you how to do this.

Step 4: Share the data with your costumers

Now, as all important data are stored on blockchain, the last step is to share them with the world. This is as easy as the customer using the camera on hers/his smartphone to scan a dedicated QR-code which you can share in many ways.